Chakwera to launch a 117m euros M1 Road Rehabilitation project


The State House Director of Communications Sean Kampondeni said Dr Lazuru Chakwera will be launching the rehabilitation of the M1 Road from Lilingwe to Chiweta in Rumphi on July 12, 2022.

Kampondeni was speaking at Kamuzu Palace during a quarterly briefing that the State House hosted on Monday. He said the State President Chakwera will do this as he is continuing honouring the promises that he made during the 2019 campaign on infrastructure development, and youth and women empowerment.

Kampondeni said, “The President is going to launch the rehabilitation of the M1 road that has been neglected by many Presidents on July 12, 2022. Many presidents had been promising to do it but have not managed to do it.”

The rehabilitation of the M1 Road from the Capital City to Rumphi is pegged at 117 million euros.

“It’s going to be a game-changing project for many sectors because the M1 serves so many sectors. He promised to do it and on July 12 he is going to fulfill it,” added Kampondeni.

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