Politics of frustrations, Malawians should start thinking


I was still in bed when the Vice President was speaking to the nation earlier today. I hade already prepared my gadget to get every detail of what he wanted to say. From the beginning to an end if I am to summarise it to someone who did not listen to it, I would say it was full of frustrations.

Why I have mentioned of frustrations. It seems he is too obsessed of what will happen in 2025 as he has ended up revealing contents of their alliance which he had been keeping under wraps despite his fans and supporters that have been asking to know what he agreed with Malawi Congress Party prior to court-sanctioned fresh presidential elections. Of course members of MCP are obsessed too with forth coming elections, at one time Speaker of Parliament said it blank that Chakwera will stand again in 2025 as Presidential candidate. District Chairmen of the party discussed of MCP going solo too.

The Vice President has started his appeal for public sympathy again. He has realised that it will not be possible for MCP to step aside and let his UTM be on the ballot in 2025. What he has done today he has officially opened campaign for Presidential aspirants with three solid years down the line.

At one time I once wrote here that the next generations shall revert back to First Past the Post system. For the sake of development and prosperity of the country we need to get rid of politics. We need to go back to First Past the Post for the good of this country. With the nature of politics of this country no party can get 50 + 1 on its own unless otherwise. Government being run by alliances have never made progress you can do your research as politics dominate through their tenures.

Maybe it’s time we even explore other ways such as for a party with many members of parliament should be coming up with a President. For the sake of the development. Malawians let’s start thinking.

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