BATALA: Malawi’s super Fish delicacy


Since a child, I have been hearing appetizing stories about the tasty Chambo, one of Malawi’s popular and delicious fish species found on the fresh and beautiful Lake Malawi. Of course, I have eaten Chambo (both big and small) countless times and enjoyed it.

Everytime I visit the Lake I make sure that I eat fresh fish. Direct from fresh waters to the fire (cooking) then serve it with Nsima or Chips.

But until I tasted Butterfish, which is fondly called Batala in Tonga language, I stopped glorifying Chambo. I can’t order fresh Chambo or any other fish where there is Batala because it is a big deal.

Today, I write this review to attest to the alluring power and refined taste of Batala, which to me, is second to none.

Batala, particularly the type which is found in abundance in deep waters of Nkhata-Bay district, is simply appetizing and underletted delicacy of Malawi. Smoked, fried or boiled Batala offers an exquisite aroma and meat!

There is a special message in Batala so much that everytime I eat it I suddenly become a fluent Tonga speaker. Muli umampha?

Try Balata today and you will never regret!

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