Chilima demands amendment of constitutions


The President of the United Transformation Movement UTM and the State Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima said there is a need for the amendment to Malawi’s constitutions.

Chilima was speaking during the National pressing held at the party’s headquarters Area 10 in Lilongwe. The Vice President’s remarks come days after Chakwera announced that he has coerced delegated duties from Chilima who is being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau and UK’s National Crime Agency on allegations that he received money from businessperson Zuneth Sattar.

Chilima said the amendment of the section 91(2) of the Constitution was one of the agendas of the Tonse Alliance and UTM strongly advocated for it saying it provides undue protection to the occupant of the office of President of this country.

Chilima said, “This is why during the campaign period, we, in UTM, strongly advocated for the amendment of the section 91(2) of the Constitution of Malawi which provides undue protection to the occupant of the office of the President of this country.

“This provision provides for the immunity of the President from criminal prosecution. While we salute the fact that the Vice President of this country can, and must be investigated or prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing, it is completely misplaced that Presidents of this country have a veil of constitutional protection from criminal prosecution through immunity while in office.”

The veep revealed that one of the concrete goals of the Tonse Alliance, which has yet to be attended to, was to remove presidential immunity from criminal prosecution.

He said, “This promise was pronounced under the campaign agenda of the Alliance. This is the time to amend the Constitution of Malawi to remove the immunity which Presidents of this country enjoy under section 91(2) of the Constitution so that everyone in Malawi can be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing.”

On part of corruption, the Vice-President Saulos Chilima says he welcomes to be interrogated over his connection to the alleged Sattar corruption case and that he will not interfere with the ACB Investigations.

He, however, says the decision taken on him by the President was based on a non-balanced report.

Chilima further added that UTM as a party remains committed to fighting against corruption.

He says while the Vice President is supposed to be prosecuted for criminal wrongs down, the President equally needs to be taken to task.

He, therefore, says there is a need to remove presidential immunity so that the President can also be held accountable.

One of the political commentator, name withheld has concurred with Chilima’s suggestion saying the law shields big fishes.

He said, “He wants the President ( Chakwera) to be investigated in some cases. He said that indirectly.

“Because we all know that a president can’t be arrested whilst in government, it’s not easy to be investigated.

“The law sometimes shields big fishes. You know what I am trying to mean. I do agree it must be removed.”

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