Hunger strikes Lowershire, Chief Mlolo asks for the opening of Markets


The residents of Shire Valley are still facing the plights of the impact of Cyclone Ana and Gombe that hit the region earlier this year.

The Malawi Guardian has established that people are striving for food in Nsanje in and Chikwawa districts as their crops and livestock were washed away by the floods.

In Chikwawa, people living in River banks are eating “nyika”, black fruit from aquatic plants as their food, Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.

Speaking to councillor of Makhwira South Ward, Isaac Njobvu confirms the development saying intervention is needed.

“it’s a worrisome situation seeing people searching Nyika in Shire River to use as food,” he said.

On the same issue, in Nsanje some people who invested their business money in farming to sell the produce upon harvesting are striving for food as their crops were mopped away by the floods.

The lack of maize in the two districts has caused the surging of it’s price at the market as vendors are selling 50 kilograms within the range of K15,000 to K18,000 prices that people cannot afford.

Senior Chief Mlolo in the district says his subjects are being stricken by the effects of the Cyclones.

In a letter dated June 24, the senior Chief has requested Admarc to open three markets to allow the subjects to have access to food.

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