The Members of Parliament for the former Ruling party, Democratic Progressive have been divided into two parts as one group is rallying behind Nankhumbwa while the other one is behind George Chaponda on whom to lead the party in the National Assembly.

On Sunday afternoon, some Party members held a meeting at former party’s leader, Peter Mutharika’s residence in Mangochi where they resolved to replace the then incumbent leader of opposition, Kondwani Nankhumwa with George Chaponda.

Statement released by the party dated June 26, 2022 signed by Honourable Franscis Mphepo, OGD Administrative Secretary read in part, “Democratic Progressive Party wishes to inform its members and general public that under and by the power vested in the party under standing Order 35 and 36 of standing Orders of the National Assembly, at it’s meeting held on 26th June 2022, the DPP has removed Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa MP, from the position of Leaders of opposition in the National Assembly with immediate effect.”

The statement further said that the party has consecrated Honourable George Chaponda MP to be the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly.

At it’s meeting, the party also agreed to elect Honourable Simon Vuwa Kaunda as Chief Whip of the party and he is going to be deputised by Honourable Lonnie Chijere Phiri MP. Honourable Victoria Kingstone was elected the Leader of the Back Benchers.

Surprisingly, barely after few hours, some section of the party legislators quashed the changes and predicted “chaos” ahead of the next seating of Parliament saying, they will continue rallying behind Kondwani Nankhumwa who remains their legitimate leader of the party in the National Assembly.

Mulanje West Member of Parliament, Yusuf Nthenda has told Malawi Guards that the meeting was null-and-void because it filtered out the majority of the party’s Members r of Parliament.

He said, “You should expect chaos within the party because I cannot led by Chalonda in Parliament.”

The party’s spokesperson Shadreck Namalomba said 35 MPs attended the symposium where the elections took place. The DPP has 72 Members in Parliament.

Another Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member of Parliament, shadow minister of information, Mark Bottomani, concurs with Yusuf saying the recently announced decisions are null and void.

Speaking on behalf of Nankhumwa, Bottomani says that some members were not invited including him, as such those present did not make a caucus.

He said the positions in parliament remain intact and people will see this when parliament meet next month.

Nevertheless, Nankhumwa himself and other MPs who rally behind him did not attend the meeting.

Speaking to the local media before the elections took place, Nankhumwa who is also DPP  Vice President for the South compelled to drag party to court over the meeting.

He argued that there is a court order which legitimizes his decisions in Parliament and removing him from the position would be in contempt of the court order.

There have been divisions since Professor Peter Mutharika lost June 23 presidential elections 24 months ago.

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