Woman arrested for killing new-born baby in Dedza


A 20-year old woman who is is suspected to be a sex worker has been arrested by Police in Dedza for assassinating and dumping her newly born infant into a bush opposite Kalinyeke Tollgate.

Dedza Police Station Deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda, has corroborated of the arrest and identified her as Queen Gilinja who hails from Kandeu Village, Traditional Authority M’ganja in Ntcheu.

According to Manda, Gilinja was arrested on Saturday morning, June 25th, 2022 at Kalinyeke Trading Center after residents tipped Dedza Police that they had found remains of the newly born baby bandaged in bed sheet in the bush.

“The team of police officers accompanied by hospital personnel scrambled to the scene and collected the remains of the baby whose other parts were already eaten by dogs,” Manda said.

He then added that a postmortem report conducted by medical personnel from Dedza District Hospital indicates that the baby died either from hypothermia due to environmental exposure to freezing temperature after being abandoned in the bush or loss of blood after being eaten by dogs.

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