Few measures to consider now that things are tough:

  1. Relationships. If you have multiple relationships, consider reducing the number. Pick the least demanding one, someone with an income and concentrate on her. Leave the rest for those who can afford them.
  2. If she has has a kid or kids with another man, it’s time to have a serious conversation with her. The Father should be invited and given a chance to take his children or offer support to them. Sakuyenera kupanga makani kwa Bambo a ana ake chifukwa cha inu. Its not your responsibility kusamala mwana wa munthu wina oti ali capable to do the job. Their issues should not affect fruits of their labour.
  3. If the house or location you are staying at is expensive, consider moving to an affordable place. There is no shame in retreating to regroup. The stress that comes with rentals is next to none. Ngati mwenzi ukamatha you get stressed with how to pay your rent, then you are staying in a wrong house.
  4. Avoid unnecessary borrowing. If you are borrowing to add on your rentals, then its a wrong loan. If you are borrowing to support your girlfriend, then you are in a wrong relationship, sooner or later she will realize that you can’t keep up. If you are borrowing to spend on a weekend, then stress awaits you thereafter. Some things and some people are avoidable. Dont fall into the chains of bad debts.
  5. Managing resources. Avoid unnecessary visitors at home. Cook reasonably, save whatever remains in the kitchen. If its a netflix account, invite others friends to join you and share months of paying. Manage groceries well, dont just break things in the house and get rid of those you dont really have plan for. Resources should be managed well, osasekelera anthu owononga pakhomo.
  6. Avoid unnecessary and useless trips. Stay home. You will cut spending tremendously if you cut movements. Za “Tiyeni” aliyese azipangira pakhomo pake ndi ndalama zake. There is a cost attached to every little trip you make. It better be a trip worth the trouble.
  7. Drink responsibily with responsible people. If you are in a group and you buy 2 consecutive rounds without anyone coming in and expecting you to buy a 3rd one, go home. Mwamwako basi.
  8. Don’t bet your last money. Treat sports betting and any form of betting as entertainment not employment. Dont use money you cannot afford to lose on betting. While others have made millions out of it, thats a chance that comes to 1 person out 10 million.
  9. Keep yourself healthy. Eat healthy, drink healthy and protect yourself from STIs. Being sick means more money on bills and less time on the hustle. Its a minus. Work on your body and keep fit.
  10. Be happy. We are in difficult times Yes, but not all hope is lost. Celebrate the little you achieve and accept losses. Be with people you love, people who accept you and people who bring out the best in you. Help those in need and be a light to those in the dark.

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