The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has on Thursday arrested former Inspector General of Malawi Police and former deputy commissioner of Police Dr. George Kainja and Mwabi Kaluwa respectively over bribe allegations barely after two days from the day Chakwera fired them all.

Kainja and Kaluwa’s names are appearing among the 84 people who are suspected to be have benefited from businessman, Zuneth Sattat’s bribes.

On June 21, 2022 Dr Chakwera said Dr. kainja is among the 13 that have been extensively investigated by the Bureau to the point that it concluded that they themselves corruptly in dealing with Sattar.

“The Bureau’s report states that it has recordings of telephone conversations between the Inspector General and Mr. Sattar, allegedly discussing procurement deals and kickbacks. The description of how the IG seems compromised is clear in the report, and so I have decided to remove him from office on that basis.” Chakwera said.

Part of the statement released by ACB dated 23rd June, 2022 reads, “On 23rd June, 2022, the ACB arrested Dr. George Kainja for receiving advantage from Zuneth Sattar, Managing Director of Xaviar Limited on account of influencing a procurement contract reference number MPS/SB/16/04/2021 to supply 350, 000 food ration packed worth USD7, 875,000 by unlawful initiating a requisition of the procurement on instruction of Zuneth Sattar.

“The investigation conducted by the Bureau established that Dr. Kainja solicited an advantage in form of vehicle and USD 8,000 from Zuneth Sattar for influencing the award of the contract to supply food ration packs.”

According to ACB, the former Inspector General is likely to be impeached with two accounts of soliciting advantage in regard to contracts contrary to Section 21(1) as read with section 34 of the Corrupt Practices Act.

The statement further said, “The investigation has also established that Mwabi Kaluwa, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Service Legal officer, corruptly obtained USD20,000,000 from Zuneth Sattar as an advantage for assisting in the procurement contract of food ration packs.”

Dr. Kainja appeared before the court today but he has been granted a bail by Chief resident magistrate Madalitso Khoswe Chimwaza after his lawyer, Gift Nankhuni made an application.

According to ACB, the former Deputy Commissioner is likely to be charged with one account of soliciting an advantage regarding contracts contrary to section 29 (1) as read with section 34 of the Corrupt Practices Act.

ACB also found that in the four years between 2017 and 2021, the Malawi Police Service and the Malawi Defence Force awarded 16 contracts worth over 150 million US dollars to five companies belonging to Sattar.

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