Husband gets 6-years in jail for injuring wife


The Nkhata-Bay First Grade Magistrate’s court on June 21, 2022 convicted and sentenced Vitumbiko Mhango, 40, to 6 years imprisonment with hard labour for injuring his wife Anna Salima 34, at Lwazi in the district.

The court heard through prosecutor Sub Inspector Imed Isaac that the convict on the night of May 24, 2022 came home whilst drunk and picked a quarrel with his wife after he found that there was no water on the table to clean his hands when he wanted to have supper.

In the heat of quarrels the convict insulted his wife and she refused to prepare breakfast for him the following morning based on the previous insults a decision which angered the convict.

Prosecutor Isaac added that, immediately the convict went into the house and came out with a long-handled sickle locally known as “Mphopo” and hacked his wife on the right arm.

Well-wishers rushed her to Nkhata-Bay District Hospital after she sustained a fracture on the lower arm.

Mhango was arrested a day later and was charged with grievous harm contrary to section 238 of the Penal Code.

Appearing in court Mhango pleaded not guilty prompting the state to parade two witnesses who proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

In mitigation the convict asked for leniency saying that he looks after his family including the victim who would suffer if sent to prison.

In submission, prosecutor  lsaac stated that, the convict would have opted for other amicable ways of solving their wrangles than injuring his own wife.

Furthermore lsaac reminded the court that the convict’s action was too harsh hence prayed for a stiffer sentence.

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Ezekiel Kamtikana concurred with the state hence jailed him to 6-years imprisonment with hard labour as a deterrent to other would be offenders.

Mhango hails from Bong’ontho Village, Traditional Authority Timbiri in Nkhata-Bay.

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