Chilima urged to address the Nation—political analysts


Embattled Vice President Dr Saulosi Chilima has been urged to respond to the political accusations raised against him by his boss, the State President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on the Sattar report released by ACB.

Political analyst James Dube who is based in Zambia says reading the statement of President Chakwera one has no doubt that it was aimed at hanging the political future of the Vice President, Chilima.

“If you read in details what that statement was talking about, it was all about contradictions but still it got its way to end the Vice President’s role in cabinet and other functions. In the report the President said nobody in his cabinet has been named in the ACB report and yet his Vice has been named. He sounded very happy to mention his ministers but at the same time hoping that his rival Chilima is to be sent to the gallows by the ACB. Remember that on his return from abroad last month, the President said he will not take any stand against the alleged names from the UK court report because he believed in rule of law that talks of due process. In his speech as well he acknowledges that ACB has not placed any crime against the VP and nowhere does it indicate that he was interviewed but still he goes on to ‘slaughter’ him using public outrage.This only tells you that the President earmarked to deal with his Vice President. In summary the President has acted on hearsays against his VP. This is dangerous for democracy,” said Dube in a telephone interview.

He said time has come for Chilima to speak out his mind on this so that the nation can hear his side of the story as this case is not legal at this moment but political.

Concurring with Dube is another political analyst Vilipo Nyirenda who is based in Mzuzu, who went on to say, the President has lost his moral campus on this matter.

“I can confidently say that Chakwera must have not contacted his legal minds before coming to the public as the statement leaves a lot to be desired. The President says nobody has been named in the report from his cabinet and yet his own Chief of Staff who runs his “yard” has been named and he just suspended him. We have a President who is just as good preacher. For me, this is an MCP project to finish Chilima before 2025 polls because they know that Chilima has a capacity to put spanners in their project of 2025 departing from the agreed alliance pact. It is therefore important that Chilima addresses the Nation to hear his side of the story before the nation condemns him.

Last night Chakwera released a blistering attack on his VP which most Malawians believe is a tactical strategy to cripple him.

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