Nyasa Big Bullets have suspended one of its officials, Jeremiah Magomba who happens to be the accountant of the Club for suspicion of gate fraud pending investigations.

It is reportedly that the culprit instructed Glory Gate Management official, Gerald Mussa on telephone conversation to reserve some cash for him from gate revenue collection from the game that Bullets drubbing 5-0 of Mighty Waka Waka Tigers on Saturday at Kamuzu Stadium.

He attempted to steal K750, 000.

Mussa, on Monday submitted an official report to both Bullets and Sulom over the incident, explaining how the official wanted to steal gate collections.

“Well I am here to report attempts to defraud gate collections at the TNM Super League encounter between Nyasa Big Bullets and Wakawaka Tigers at Kamuzu Stadium by [name withheld] of Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club.

“Well, in the course of the game, as the teams returned for second half play, I received a call on Saturday 18th June 2022 at exactly 29 minutes past three pm, asking me [about] the estimated figure of money that we are expected to make at the game,” the report reads.

“At that time, he asked me that if you have a colleague with you separate yourself (by that time I was with Matthew Phiri a fellow director of our gate management company) and then he instructed me to record reduced amount of money after counting the cash, Ngati papezeka K1.5 million uzikalemba K1 million ngati papezeka K1.3 million uzilemba K1 million basi kwinako simuzingochotsera. I need that money [my brother where there is K1.5 million just put K1 million and do the same for the other amounts],” he said

The report prompted Bullets administrative personnels to call for Media briefing in Blantyre on Tuesday morning.

During the briefing at Nyasa Offices in Blantyre, Nyasa Big Bullets Chief Executive Officer, Suzgo Nyirenda confirmed the development saying such people are hindraces to team’s development and National football at large.

He added that the Culprit will remain on suspension until further notice as the investigations are underway.

“As Nyasa Big Bullets we are concerned with what happened at Kamuzu Stadium last Saturday during our match against Tigers where Jeremiah asked the gate management to take part of the money realized from the gate, ” said Nyirenda.

“It’s very unfortunate that this is happening in time when we are making everything possible to make the club professional and it is also very sad to discover that the one being involved is in our secretariat.

“We’ll try to work hand in hand with all football stakeholders such as the police, Sulom just to mention a few. We’ll try to make sure that investigation is done thoroughly without any interference.

“Police are investigating the matter and everyone who will found in this syndicate will face the action, ” added CEO.

Nyirenda further admitted that the club has no place to entertain such people.

He said, “We will leave no stone unturned to all people doing malpractices.”

Sulom General Secretary Williams Banda said they will allow investigations to take place to uproot such people who are involved in malpractice.

“We are working with the police and Bullets to establish the real issue here. This is a serious matter where we need to work with speed but nothing concrete has been established now.

“Going forward, Sulom will take over the appointment of gate management companies and they will all be asked to apply through our office for scrutiny,” Banda said

Apparently, the game involving Bullets and Tigers grossed K10.8 million, with both teams pocketing about K2 million each.

Ironically, the game between Mighty Mukuru Wanderers and Blue Eagles, which had relatively less spectators, grossed K12.8 million with each team receiving about K2.5 million.

The development comes after Senior Resident Magistrate Akya Mwanyongo on June 9 fined each of the six people involved in the Kamuzu Stadium gate fraud case K150,000 or they could go to jail for a year.

In a 10-minute ruling, Mwanyongo ordered four cashiers to pay Sulom the money they stole and also said that the convicts should not be allowed to work as gate managers while they are serving their sentences.

In April, the six were caught after stealing K437,000 from a match between Wanderers and Sable Farming.

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