Affiliates praise Fam for exercising strategy leadership


Member Associations have heaped praise on the Football Association of Malawi for exercising a 2-day strategy leadership and capacity building workshop which was held from 16 to 17 June.

The member Associations has described the exercise that was titled ‘Effective Leadership’ as a development that will have fecundity in their respective associations.

The exercise that was being facilitated by experienced Sports Administrator and former Malawi National Council of Sports Executive Secretary George Jana was attended by members from Southern Region Football Association, Central Region Footabll Association, Northern Region Football Association and Beach Soccer Association of Malawi.

Speaking on behalf of the regional football associations, the Southern Region Football Association Chairperson, Raphael Humba commended Football governing body, Fam for arranging the workshop.

“We thank Football Association of Malawi for organising the workshop, ” said Humba.

“Effective Leadership is a game changer meaning that we as leaders should be effective for us to raise the bar in football.

“The majority of us are just elected without proper know-how, so with this workshop, I hope we are going to change everything when we go back.

“We were six from every member association, meaning that its half of fhe committee, we have learnt good things so we have to implement it when we go back, ” He said.

Humba added that nowadays, football has been modernised so new knowledge that they have been imparted with at the workshop will help them to run football in a modern way.

On his part, Gift Chimbalanga Charperson for the Beach Soccer Association of Malawi said the workshop was helpful.

“It was really important, ” said Chimbalanga.

“The workshop will help us to reflect back we as leaders and as affiliates to know uf we are really knowing what we want to achieve.

“Previously, it has been a challenge that we were waiting for Fam to whatever for us, so by the end of the workshop we will have a changed image, ” he added.

Among other things, at the Workshop, Member Associations were encouraged to embrace business mentality with a corporate executive approach in running of their respective affairs in their jurisdiction, leaders were also encouraged to be patient, examplary.

Fam President, Walter Nyamilandu told the Leaders of the Associations to be leaders by nit having the titles.

“Leadership is not about titles or authority, its about how you handle your things. A good leader should interract with other people, respecting others’ ideas, ” said Nyamilandu.

The exercise completed the circle of the three key bodies of the associations after Fam held the similar exercises for secretariat staff and Executive Committee members under the UEFA Assist programme last month.

The exercise will precede and piggyback the 2022 Football Association of Malawi ordinary Annual General Meeting on Saturday in Mangochi.

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