The Football Association of Malawi President , Walter Nyamilandu has thrown its weight behind the Flames Head of Technical Panel, Mario Marian Marinica saying his system has fecundity to Malawian Football.

The Association boss was speaking this in reaction to the criticisms from quarters that are faulting the team’s style of play in the games that have been played under the Romanian.

Football pundits, supporters are all criticising the team’s style of play saying Flames have lost its pattern of football.

One of the football analysts, Kelvin Moyo said the coach should create a style which should ensure more ball possession.

“The coach needs to create a possession based style of football which can enable players to create scoring opportunities and allow them to express themselves.,” said Moyo.

Moyo added that having less ball possession forces a team to play more defensively leading to fatigue.

Charles Nyirenda, another analyst echoed Moyo’s sentiment saying Marinica’s philosophy has completely derailed and leading the team to the wrong direction.

Nyirenda said, “‘Kick-and-run-like-hell’ type of football is outdated, the players are uncomfortable with it, the play is boring and it can’t get us desired results. We have completely derailed and we are obviously heading to the wrong direction.”

Nyirenda who once worked as Fam secretary has urged the Association to review the approach and tell the Romanian to stop the laboratory experiments he is undertaking.

Flames were outclassed in a game against Ethiopia at home, fortunately the team won 2-1. They also registered a pathetic ball possession in a game that ended 1-0 in favour of Guinea four days later.

Reacting to the criticisms, Mario Marian Marinica has reiterated that fast and Very Fast Style is here to stay.

He said, “First it’s not my Style, it is a way to achieve results in a short-term based on the available players.

“We need to learn to compete first and not to fear anyone. We need to create chances against any team, which we did.

“Then we’ll look to play more with the ball once we have the confidence of not fearing teams.”

Marinica added, “Regardless of our Afcon results, our squad value is still worthy only $4.5 million. We still do not have players playing for Liverpool or other big clubs.”

Throwing its wait behind the Coach, Fam President, Nyamilandu said its Fast and very fast football that have brought us this far.

“We excelled at Afcon, and managed to overcome Ethiopia recently because of strong tactical discipline. Its a question of being efficient and effective the same time.

Nyamilandu added that the team had been playing sexy football in the past but it didn’t produce results and critics scoffed at the Barcelona being way as being too playful.

However, The Association boss said the coach needs to find the right balance.

“I guess the coach needs to find the right balance so that we are more effective and the players also have to adapt to the new philosophy quickly,” said Nyamilandu.

He added that the Romanian tells his charges to avoid unnecessary back passes that have cost is dearly in the past.

He said, “Playing fast and purposeful football doesn’t mean you should lose the ball easily. This is not what he (Marinica) is advocating.”

Marinica and Malawi, the Flames will be back in action in September as they will be locking horns with the Pharaohs, Egypt away from home before a return leg few days later. They currently sit 2nd on the 4-team group D log table.

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