Mandela Washington Fellow International drills Borehole in Nsanje


As one way of ensuring safe and clean water, an International Non-government Organisation, Mandela Washington Fellow International has drilled a borehole worth K4 million in Muyang’anira Village, Traditional Authority Chimombo in Nsanje.

The communities in the area has applauded the organisation for the gesture.

Speaking to The Malawi Guardian, the Traditional Authority Chimombo commended Mandela Washington Fellow International for the support.

“This is a welcome development as most of villages under my jurisdiction lack access to clean and safe water due to lack of boreholes. This development poses threats to most lives drinking from unprotected water sources.

“It has always been my plea to the Government, individuals and other partners to bail us out.

“We are grateful to Mandela Washington Fellow International for the gesture,” said T/A Chimombo.

Chief Chimombo added that the boreholes would be taken care.

One of the beneficiaries in Muyang’anira Village, Mrs Rose Wilson said the coming of the boreholes it’s a good thing as the community has been struggling for Clean Water.

“We wake up early in the morning going to Nyachipere in search for water, of which it’s not even safe to drink,” said Mrs Wilson.

Taking his turn, Mandela Washington Fellow International, partner Established Field Officer for Malawi, Mweta Katemba said the project has been successful with grant from World Connect-Malawi International.

Katemba said the organization has also bailed out somw residents in the Traditional Authority Ndamera in the same district by drilling another boreholes.

He added that the organization is committed to bringing access to clean and portable water in the district.

Mandela Washington Fellow International was established back in 2010 in the USA and in 2014 it established civic leadership under Young African Leaders where about 5,1000 from Sub-Sahara Africa, between ages of 25 to 35 went to USA AND were trained in leadership.

Nsanje is one of the districts in Malawi that is being affected by the outbreak of Cholera.

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