Pashello Charitable Trust embarks on Feeding Programm in Chikwawa


Pashello Charitable Trust has embarked on feeding programme and it is expected to launch the programme in Chikwawa on Friday, June 10.

Chief Director for the Organisation, Felia Matola has told The Malawi Guardian that the program will feed approximately 200 people every Friday and it aimed at assisting the underprivileged people such as elderly, Orphans among others. Nsima served with Beans will make up part of the menu.

Malola said, “We are planning to launch the programme on Friday. Approximately 200 people are targeted to benefit from the initiative.

“Only underprivileged people for example Elderly, Orphans are our main target. The programme is expected to attract people from various areas including Ngabu residents.”

Senior Village Headman, Misongwe in the area of Traditional Authority Ngabu, in the district where the organisation is situated has since commended the gesture.

“We thank Pashello for the gesture. This will help to bail out some individuals who are struggling for food,” said Misongwe.

Misongwe has also requested other well wishers to emulate the same and even to the extent of working hand to hand with Pashello.

He has also sent a stern warranty to all people who are not underprivileged people not to participate in the food rations saying it is restricted to the said group of people.

“Some people do pretend to be underprivileged with the aim of benefiting from programme that they are not supposed to. This is not good. We must not see such people on the day,” said SGVH Misongwe.

Pashello Charitable Trust is a local based Non-Profitable Organisation based in the area of Traditional Authority Ngabu in Chikwawa District.

Currently, Pashello Charitable Trust is raising a majority of Orphans, people with Albinism and some needy Children at Felia’s home crowning her a heart of compassion.

The Organisation has 10 years in operation as it was founded back in 2011 with the main objective of doing Charitable works and the name was derived from three Children of Mr and Mrs Malola, Patrick, Sheilla.

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