The magistrate court in Lilongwe, through the Senior Resident Magistrate, Wanangwa Nyirenda, has on Thursday morning adjourned to Tuesday on the state application to revoke bail for Social Media Activist Joshua Chisa Mbele.

Jushua Chisa Mbele was appearing before the Senior Resident Magistrate, Wanangwa Nyirenda on claims that he is flouting his bail conditions.

Some days back, Malawi Police Services made an application to revoke bail that was granted to Mbele, alleging that he is violating bail conditions through his Facebook posts.

Defence Lawyer, Gilbert Khonyongwa, argued that the affidavits with screenshots by the state are not admissible in the court of Law hence asking for dismissal of the application.

State Prosecutor, Levison Mangani objected ther argument claiming that they consolidated their evidence through Facebook posts of the accused that qualifiers to violation of his bail condition.

The state brought printed document claiming they were extracted from Chisa Mbele’s Facebook page.

Chisa Mbele was arrested early this year following his Facebook post of a fake document that had a list of top government officials allegedly connected with Corruption suspect, Zuneth Sattar.

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