Government through the ministry of Tourism has on Wednesday Morning closed the tourist centre, Golden Peacon Hotel in Blantyre.

The closure follows the Hotel’s failure to pay the annual Tourism and Hotel Licence fee.

According to the Tourism officials, the Hotel has failed to to pay the fee despite several reminders and it’s Licence expired in 2021.

Part of the statement reads, “Please note that your Unit has been closed by the Tourism and Hotel Board for failure to pay Licence fee for 2022 which is an offence under the Tourism and Hotel act No. CAP 50.01 of the Laws of Malawi.”

According to the statement, the premises should remain closed the Hotel has paid the fee.

Minister of Tourism, Dr Michael Usi accompanied by officials from the ministry is conducting a Hotel inspection exercise in the City of Blantyre.

Golden Peacon Hotel will be required to pay a fine of K50, 000.00 before it reopens.

Officials from the ministry says several restaurants, lodges and Tourism spots in the Southern Region of Malawi are yet to Service their obligations.

The Malawi Tourism Board told the Malawi Guardian that it will close over 300 tourism sites in the region due to non insurance of Tourism and Hotel Board Licence.

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