Man kills another over beer, mob kills suspect


Police in Nkhata Bay District are investigating circumstances that have led to the killing of a 38-year-old Kennedy Nkhoma by a man named Dan Kaunda who also got killed by an angry mob in retaliation, at Mzenga in the district.

Preliminary reports have shown that Nkhoma was, during the night of June 4, 2022, at a drinking joint at Mzenga trading centre with a sex-worker.

It is also reported that, this other individual, Dan Kaunda snatched a bottle of beer from the sex-worker for no apparent reason.

This did not go well with Nkhoma and a fight ensued.

In the process, Kaunda produced a knife and stabbed Nkhoma on the left thigh and left hand such that he sustained deep cuts. He was pronounced dead at Kavuzi health centre due to excessive loss of blood.

It is also reported that the community members organized themselves and tracked the suspect to his hiding place and assaulted him to death.

Meanwhile police in the district have instituted further investigations into the matter to trace and apprehend everyone who acted against the law.

Kennedy Nkhoma hailed from Malema 1 Village in Traditional Authority Kyungu in Karonga District while Dan Kaunda was from Mchingalombo Village in T/A Kabunduli in Nkhata Bay District.

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