Zondwa Wabantu banned to perform in Malawi


A South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu, real name Rebecca Libram who was poised to perform at Dominic’s Hotel in Blantyre has been banned from performing in Malawi.

Minister of Tourism and Culture, Michael Usi confirmed on friday saying the ban is to do with her style of performance which cannot be accepted in the country as it demeans women’s dignity.

“As a ministry, we do not have issues with her. If she wants to visit Malawi there is no problem but to perform as an artist then we are saying no! She cannot come to the country to perform and strip herself naked as she normally does. Our culture respects women and we know she performs while naked that’s unacceptable culturally in this country,” said Usi.

Usi further said the ministry is against Dominic’s Hotel as a venue the artist was scheduled to perform.

He said: “The ministry has also established that the hotel is operating illegally after failing to pay required license fees.”

Wabantu was scheduled to perform at the Hotel on 11 June this month.

The dancer was also banned from performing in Zambia, Zimbabwe and other countries for her love of undressing on stage.

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