I thought about the relationship I have with Sean Kampondeni, he is a dear friend and a brother. I also thought about his sister Tamara Kampondeni, a Permanent resident, a Green card holder, who has been residing in United States for more than 20 years (there about).

Tamara is a friend (we were together at Providence Secondary School). Finally, I thought about the 20 million plus suffering Malawians. I was in dilemma 😫. In ethical principles of nursing, I was in between Beneficence vs Nonmaleficence, I have chosen Beneficence, an action that will support many Malawians instead of one individual.

A lot of us supported President Chakwera because he promised change, he promised to do better than APM, he said APM’s presidency was the worst in nepotism e.t.c. What Malawians are experiencing right now is worse than the previous administrations. Tamara Kampondeni (who is a sister to Sean Kampondeni) is going to Japan as First Secretary.

She is currently in Malawi getting her diplomatic passport ready for the embassy. Why would you take an American permanent resident with a green card for a job in Malawi government? Don’t you have Malawians (or MCP Members) who can qualify for this job? I thought y’all guys promised change? This is someone who has never contributed a dime in taxes. Just because she is a sister to Presidential Executive Assistant then overnight she qualifies for the job? Where’s the change you guys promised? Kuwatolatu a Malawi ukuku.

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