Ten arrested over damaging Nthalire Police Unit


Police in Chitipa have arrested Taonga Gondwe and 9 others on suspicion that they had a hand on the the damaging of Nthalire Police Unit infrastructure in the district.

The arrests were made on may 30,2022 during a joint operation between Northern Region Criminal Investigation officers and Chitipa Police Station officers.

It is on record that on the night of May 4, 2022, angry people from Nthalire went on rampage damaging Nthalire Police Unit office and staff houses.

This follows an incident where motorcyclist was stabbed before robbed off his motorcycle by a suspect who hired him. The suspect was arrested by Nthalire Police but irate villagers went to the said police and overpowered them, killed the suspects and later burned him.

They continued smashing 66 staff houses window glasses, two office window glasses, Solar panel, brick fence and kitchen utensils worthy thousands of kwacha.

Taonga Gondwe and 9 others suspects will be taken to court soon to answer the charge of malacious damage.


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