Ludzi boys secondary school to be closed


In a call of sexual abuse at Ludzi boys secondary school, the Archbishop ordered to be closed.

The order has been made by Archbishop George Desmond Tambala of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lilongwe who directed that the school to be closed because some learners were sexually abusing other learners.

Archbishop Tambala says this followed investigations which he instituted and found what was happening was both a violation of rights and sin.

Although Archbishop Tambala does not give accounts of what happened, he however, condemns it on behalf of the Church and he has since called on the church to take such allegations seriously, avoid covering them up but encouraging witnesses to step forward.

Archbishop Tambala, who is also the reigning president of the conference of Catholic bishops in Malawi (ECM) says his office is committed to zero tolerance for any forms of sexual abuse including that of children, even among children themselves.

While closure of the boarding school will be in phases, Standard 3, 4 and 5 learners are leaving campus immediately as, by international guidelines, such learners should not be in boarding school in the first place.

Sexual abuse is common in Malawi especially to boys or girls boarding schools.

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