Cooking oil prices slashed down


Ministry of Trade has anounced new reduced cooking oil prices with immediate effect, following the removal of 16 .5 Value Added Tax on the commodity.

A statement by Minister responsible, Mark Katsonga days a 2 litre bottle of Kukoma which was selling at K7,108 will now be sold at a minimum of K5,638 and a maxmum of K5,935.

A 2 litre bottle of Mulawe which was going at K6,000 will now be sold at a minimum of K5,250 and a maxmum of K5,526, while a 2 litre bottle of Soyola will be sold between K5,672 and K5,970 from K7,150.

The Ministry further warns to take action against traders going contrary to the anounced prices and has since asked Malawians to play a watchdog role.

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