Foreigner arrested for destroying Malawian currency


Police in Mzimba are keeping in custody an Egyptian businessman, Mustapha Salim 27, who destroyed K10,000.00 Malawian bank notes because of anger.

Salim operates his business in Mzuzu and on Thursday May 12, 2022 at about 1330 hours as he was traveling to Raiply from Mzuzu with his driver, they were stopped at a traffic check at Chikangawa along the Mzuzu – Kasungu M1 road.

The driver was ordered to pay a spot fine of Twenty thousand Kwacha (MK20,000.00) for contravening Road Services Permit since they were using a passengers vehicle for carrying goods.

Mustapha produced Ten thousand kwacha (MK10,000.00), which was inadequate for the fine. Out of anger, Salim tore the Ten thousand kwacha note he had into 55 pieces. The ten thousand kwacha which he tore were K2000 kwacha notes totaling to K8000 and the remainder were K1000 notes.

He was put in custody immediately for the offence of destroying Malawian currency which contravenes section 54 (2)(C) of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Act.

Mustapha Salim, will appear in court soon to answer the charge leveled against him.

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