The 2022 tobacco market in the northern region of Malawi has opened today Monday 9 May 2022, with about 1,598 tobacco bales already sold.

Minister of Agriculture Robin Lowe opened the market.

Speaking to reporters Lowe said Government is doing everything to talk to buyers to give Farmers good prices this year.

“Government engaged buyers and we agreed that they will buy the commodities with good price at least to give a farmer something to smile at the end of the day,”

One of the farmers Jeremia Luhanga who was expecting to sell 3 bales said their expectation is that buyers will offer good prices.

“Every year they promise to buy us with good prices, but later nothing happens, and this year we are expecting them to buy from us with good prices and we are doing everything to have a good grade and quality leaves,” said Luhanga.

2021 farming season Malawi earned about K160 billion from the sale of 123.7 million kilograms of all tobacco types.

This season there is low tobacco volume since there were some challenges that farmers faced such as rain and shortage of fertilizer in some areas.

Mzuzu Auction floors is having low volumes of tobacco, with reports that most leaf is not dried up yet.

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